Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Vacuum cleaning systems have been used everywhere from auto rental and car wash vacuum cleaning to picking up large quantities of materials and transporting to another location. From cleanrooms to mining and some of the dirtiest applications central vacuum systems help keep the area cleaner. AMET, Inc. offers equipment ranging from single operator portable units to large multi-operator systems piped throughout a facility. With centrifugal, positive displacement and regenerative vacuum producers we can offer the best solution for your vacuum needs.

Spencer_update ¬† ¬†Spencer-Spencer Central Vacuum Systems have been around since 1906. They have been cleaning up in all types of applications and areas from aircraft manufacturing, auto rental and car washes, chip manufacturing and printed circuit board drilling and routing, food processing, general cleaning, hospitals and critical care facilities, pharmacuital plants and schools. Single or multi-operators, dry or wet systems, vacuum up to 12″ Hg., Spencer can design a system to meet your needs. With a complete line of Tubing and Fittings and Hose and Tools, Spencer is your one stop for Central Vacuum Systems. Spencer vacuums have been used in many locations from cleanrooms to the Statue of Liberty to the White House.