Air Moving Equipment & Technologies, Inc.

Air Moving Equipment & Technologies, Inc. (AMET, Inc.) is celebrating its 30th year as a manufacturers’ representative marketing industrial equipment. We design and sell industrial central vacuum systems, both stationary and portable, from one to 30+ operators. These systems are used anywhere from cleanrooms to power plants to car washes. Industrial dust collection systems including Quick-Fit ducting systems are used in all types of industries from aircraft manufactures to woodshops. Industrial centrifugal blowers and fans up to 1500 HP are used for applications ranging from aeration to material handling to chemical and petrochemical plants where highly customized equipment is required to handle the processing of nasty gases.

With over 40 years of experience in the air moving field and representing only top manufactures we can solve most of your industrial air handling requirements. We are here to offer our customers complete service from concept to installed systems. Our A+ BBB rating means your satisfaction is our top concern. Let us help you with all of your Industrial air moving needs.